Our products have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 10,970 metric tons,or about 28.2 Daan Forest Park’s annual carbon adsorption capacity.






Proactively gaining modular filter design patents is our goal of sustainable development,
hoping to protect the planet to reduce carbon footprint and pollution,
hope to work with people with lofty ideals for our next generation to create a beautiful world.


The Republic of China Patent Certificate New Type M556827


Intellectual Property Office Of Singapore No.10201607985R

Intellectual Property Office Of Singapore No.10201607985R
中華人民共和國國家知識產權局專利證書 新型第5798434號

Japanese Certificate of Utility Model Registration Number 3207558

日本實用新案登錄證 登錄第3207558號

GreenFILTEC PTE LTD. to the illegal theft of patent and deliberate use of counterfeit goods,to retain the right to prosecute the law.


Green to our environment!

Unique Modularized Frame System combined best-in-class high efficiency and outgassing free panels. They are cost-effective and environmental friendly products and offer an industry leading low carbon footprint.


Safety - PU free, No outgassing!Filter weight reduction, easy to replace and install, reduce moving and public security accidents.

Waste - Reusable filter frame to reduce waste and carbon footprint.

Cost Saving- To replace the filter only, can reduce costs and energy saving in long term.